Pixel art works, tiles,

Our specialty, here is a sample of our work, in the front page of our site, you can see the latest video of Pinkmoon, a game developed by Stronger than Fiction, the whole graphic/animation part is done by our team.

Last works:

キャラバンブーマー ( in house game in development )

Pinkmoon ( unpublished – beta )

Axe Bow & Staff ( published on steam )



Miscellaneous freelance works



Leona Tricky Adventure (published on steam)  

2D Animation

2D animation section

We do Also HD 2D animation, using mainly Spine.
Samples soon available.

About us

Bo Designs Pixel is  a 3 peoples Game studio



Bo Designs is a 3 peoples Game studio:

We do freelance work and enjoy creating our own games too.
So far we worked on numerous projects for other companies:



Yoshida K. : Programmer

Bo:  2D artist (Spine, Flash,etc ),  Pixel artist

Zbembow:  Pixel artist

Contact us: